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Packaging and boxes for all purposes

At NiceBoxes you will find packaging and gift boxes for many different uses. We have a wide range of praline boxes, jewelry boxes, gift card boxes, boxes with lids, folding boxes, gift boxes, Rigid Boxes etc. Our boxes also have accessories / inserts for pralines and jewelery. We stock our boxes and delivery takes place immediately from our warehouse in Sweden. With local online stores, we can now offer all countries within the Nordic region and the EU our services. Our packaging is manufactured within the EU.

In addition to the standard range of boxes and packaging that you will find with us at NiceBoxes, we also offer customized exclusive boxes with their own design for exclusive products. For example, our Rigid Boxes are stable cardboard boxes with finishes and details that stand out, such as fluorescent varnish, magnetic locks, embossing effects, partial varnish, etc. We develop and produce customer-unique boxes to order, all within the EU.